[PS3] How to play PS1 games on CFW 3.55 with multiMAN 02.07.06+

PS1 logo
This is a simple method which will allow you to play PS1 games on your PS3 with CFW 3.55.

Update: multiMAN 02.07.06 allows PS1 discs to appear in the XMMB Game column (in multiMAN), which enables starting the games without using file manager mode.

You’ll need:

– A jailbroken PS3 with CFW 3.55.
multiMAN 02.07.06 or above.
– A burned PS1 game backup.

Note: From what I understand, all games doesn’t work. Most of them seem to work however.


1. Start multiMAN.

2. Insert the game disc.

3. Enter file manager mode (press start + select).

4. Browse to the directory /dev_flash/ps1emu and hit X on the ps1_emu.self file. The game should now load.

(Optional) How to enable save games:

1. Power on the PS3, but don’t start multiMAN.

2. Go to “Memory Card Utility (PS/PS2)” in the GAME column.

3. Create a PS1 memory card.

4. Set it to Slot 1 (press the triangle button while selecting the memory card, and then assign it).

5. Start multiMAN, insert the game disc, and start it using the instructions above. Your virtual memory card will be in Slot 1.


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